Bankruptcy Law Firm Out Of Westbury, Nassau County, NY

Bankruptcy Summary

Bankruptcy Law Firm’s Actions: bankruptcy is by definition: “a legal process through which people or other entities who cannot repay debts to creditors may seek relief from some or all of their debts.” []

Pryor & Mandelup prides itself on being able assist individuals and businesses to handle all phases of bankruptcy and related law.

We represent debtors, principals of business debtors, and creditors in bankruptcies and bankruptcy litigation.

Bankruptcy & Non-bankruptcy Solutions

Because of tour multi-disciplinary approach to the law, our law firm Pryor & Mandelup, based in Westbury and serving clients in the lower districts of New York, from Montauk to NYC, provides both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions to our vast array of clientele.

This goes for numerous types of business problems too.

Pryor & Mandelup will represent individual debtors in Chapter 7 liquidations and Chapter 13 wage earner cases and, where appropriate, Chapter 11 reorganizations and help to consult on the management of debt scenarios and solutions for them.

On the business side there are even more options, with or without going through the bankruptcy process, including business dissolutions and buy-outs, and mediation.

Types Of Bankruptcy

There are quite a few types of bankruptcy that give clients an array of options.

The key is to make a goal for yourself. There are many things that the bankruptcy process can help you to accomplish, and that includes erasing debt.

That said, few qualify for all of the types of bankruptcy, and a bankruptcy law firm can help guide you through deciphering the factors that allow you to qualify as a business or as an individual.

There are six different types of bankruptcies.

These Are The Types of Bankruptcies

  • Chapter 7: For Liquidation
  • Chapter 9: For Municipalities
  • Chapter 11: For Large Re-organization
  • Chapter 12: For Family Farmers
  • Chapter 13: For A Repayment Plan
  • Chapter 15: For Use In Foreign Cases

Read more about them on our types of bankruptcy page.